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iPads & Tablets: The Impact on Your CX – A Voice by SPLICE

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April 29, 2014

This week SPLICE explores the emerging role of mobile devices in creating amazing customer experiences with a guest post by David Harouche, President of Multimedia Plus. Follow Multimedia Plus on twitter @mmpls.

tabletWith mobile devices in hand, consumers are ready to be engaged and gratified by knowledgeable associates, resulting in the complete transformation of the customer experience. The cost, level of customization, and familiarity most associates have with an iPad, or tablet, makes it one of the most important tools for ensuring top-level sales training and customer experience.

A recent study from Axsium Group reported that 75% of consumers said they would walk out of the store if they don’t have access to knowledgeable associates. Companies that invest in a digitally modernized and well-trained staff will excel at educating, converting, upselling and creating loyal customers.

Take training out of the backroom

Traditionally, associates went to the backroom to conduct training, which takes time away from the selling floor. The use of iPads and tablets has taken training from the backroom to the selling floor by allowing associates to be training right where you need them – and be fully accessible when needed.

iPads and tablets are made for high-quality video and audio

An iPad or tablet will provide a rich media experience that gives associates selling support by providing instant access to product information and specs. There’s no need for adding sound cards or worries about how the video content will play. Quickly, easily, and at a low-cost, photos, video, reviews and other information can be obtained for a customer.

Interactive bookmarks keep track of their progress
Today’s world is all about multi-tasking, and running a store location is no different. To maximize time and sales, associates need to have the flexibility to work with customers, yet be productive during slower hours of the day. Training on iPads and tablets allows an associate to jump out of their training to help customers — then resume their training and start right where they left off. Because an iPad or tablet is small, it can be put away quickly and easily, and immediately puts them right back where they left off. It also allows for the user to switch between training apps, retails apps, company website, customer database, etc. if there is a wifi connection.

Skill building activities happen on-floor
“Learning while doing” is a time-tested method for learning a broad range of skills. Mobile devices allow associates to take their training where the action is, and get the most from their training experience. Setting up an on-floor activity while an associate goes through the training in the back room just isn’t the same. The backroom experience is more of examples and scenarios, while a mobile device allows for immediate interaction and real-time learning. When associates are speaking with a customer it also creates the opportunity to collect data on the tablets, and to facilitate the use of data on the tablets.

Now more than ever, the customer experience is being redefined by tablets and smartphones. And we are now looking at price points and form factors for mobile devices that finally allow retailers to arm their associates with tools that will transform in-store experiences.

– guest post by David Harouche, President, Multimedia Plus

Are you currently arming your sales associates with mobile devices? Share your thoughts!

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