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Fun, safe and easy to use, SynthIA lets companies take back their brand voices.

SynthIA: Synthesized Intelligent Audio

SynthIA allows organizations to create, store and manage audio files for voice-first channels like Amazon Echo, Google Home and more.

Using SPLICE Software’s patented Data-Driven Dialogs® technology, SynthIA provides an intuitive workflow to deploy customized speech on a scheduled and on-demand basis for voice-first device interactions, SMS, and inbound and outbound PBX. The platform uses artificial intelligence and voice naturalization to humanize the automated voice. Users can test synthesized voice audio, measure interactions that are tagged for all possible content, and create an intelligent voice file library.

Why should I choose SynthIA?

SynthIA allows brands to create contextually aware content in a voice chosen for their specific brand. SynthIA’s simple interface makes it easy to create and measure interactions with customers to see what works and what doesn’t. The script builder can take real-time data input and adjust tone, emotion and phrasing to consistently deliver a great customer experience. SPLICE also provides guides for proactive customer notifications, such as payment due dates and amounts, delivery dates, available credit, fraud alerts, order status updates and much more.

How difficult is SynthIA to use?

Users don’t need deep technical expertise to use SynthIA—the interface is intuitive, and connectivity is seamless via licensed use of the platform and API to enable third-party access to assembled audio messages for a range of purposes, including one-to-one videos, personalized audio in video games, interactive media for hospitality, retail, entertainment and more. SynthIA is platform-agnostic, which means companies only have to develop a skill, action or intent once and then deploy their audio asset across multiple platforms, saving time and money while avoiding maintenance issues.

What voices are available with SynthIA?

SPLICE offers SynthIA users an array of stock voice options that can be used on a standalone basis or enhanced with proprietary libraries, as well as templates as a guide for the most frequently used responses to customer questions asked via voice-first devices. SynthIA also enables companies with established spokespeople to deploy that awareness and build brand equity in new ways.

How do I get started?

To sign up as a beta user, just complete the below form:

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