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Fun, safe and easy to use, SynthIA lets companies take back their brand voices.

SynthIA™: Synthesized Intelligent Audio

SynthIA was developed to provide an integrated system for modeling and deploying SPLICE’s high quality, human voice-based audio capabilities across multiple channels and devices, including Voice First Devices (e.g. Amazon Alexa and Google Home), Inbound and Outbound PBX, Chatbots and Virtual Agents, as well as SMS and Email channels. SynthIA was awarded Gold for Innovations in Technology at the 2018 Golden Bridge Awards.

In addition, SynthIA is a licensable platform allowing developers and vendors to add value for their own clients and end-customers.

SynthIA provides the following key capabilities:

Content management and script modeling

  • Create, manage and maintain a unique human voice-based audio content library that is ‘brand’ centric.
  • Access to stock voice options and to build proprietary voice libraries.
  • Create scripts and conversations from a host of industry- and use case-specific templates.
  • Test scripts and conversations before execution using a TTS engine and a smartphone based ‘quick record’ capability.

Extensive use of templates

  • Campaigns and projects are quickly initiated using industry and brand-specific templates that easily create a campaign or project structure that expedites the initial set-up phase.
  • Access to script and conversation templates that are appropriate to specific industries, brands, use cases, channels and devices to guide and facilitate the script and conversation modeling process.

Activity and Workflow Management

  • Access to an intuitive and visual activity manager that provides an ‘at a glance’ view of work content and priorities.
  • An informative and easy-to-use workflow management tool directs campaigns and projects through specific tasks and campaign and project stages.

You should be interested in SynthIA if:

  • You are a marketing or advertising professional responsible for communications that include audio, email and SMS-based content for your campaigns and programs.
  • You are responsible for customer communications and rely on high-quality, voice-based content for your applications and services.
  • You need to create, execute, and manage communication campaigns and programs on an easy-to-use platform.
  • you are a developer that wants to model and test their Alexa Skill before development.

How do I get started?

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