Emergency Management Solutions

Leverage SPLICE Software's personalized mass communications to keep customers, team members, and other stakeholders informed when stakes are high and time is of the essence.

Be Prepared for the Worst.

Protect your business, your employees, and your reputation when things matter most. From emergency warnings and catastrophe notifications to solutions for team member check-in and mobilization, SPLICE brings the power of big data and artificial intelligence to bear on your behalf in critical moments.

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Emergency Solutions

SPLICE Emergency Management Solutions

Emergency Dialogs

From Catastrophe Warnings and Post-Catastrophe Service Updates to weather-related Branch Closure Notifications, SPLICE's Data-Driven Dialogs® keep your customers—and most importantly, the impacted customers—informed when needed.

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Emergency Management Solutions


IntView™ gives you an integrated view, bringing together Weather and Social event Data in real time. Built in partnership with IBM Watson, Accuweather and Twitter, you can leverage the power of the crowd, AI and big data to make faster more informed decisions. Make your call to action count with IntView from SPLICE.

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Geolocation with Welli

Welli™ (pronounced “Welly”)

Welli is a Wellbeing Locator and Interaction Manager that allows you to Geolocate your people through our interactive mobile program—you can confirm where you team is, if they are safe and if they are ready to deploy. This timely confirmation of their safety and their ability to responds allows you to put your best plans into action with confidence. Two way communication with clarity is critical, and Welli is here to help.

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