Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Integrate data-driven, human voice communications to strengthen the patient-provider relationship & improve patient health outcomes.

Proactively Communicate with Patients to Improve Patient Outcomes

SPLICE connects healthcare providers to the individuals they serve. SPLICE messages enhance healthcare providers’ ability to engage with and support their patients, and are ideal for both administrative and preventative communications.

Applications Include:

  • Appointment reminders or cancellation confirmations
  • Lab test result notifications
  • Billing & late payment notifications
  • Prescription renewals
  • Medication intake & monitoring
  • Mental health & memory loss tips
  • Exercise & nutrition tips
  • Smoking cessation information
  • NPS® surveys

The cloud-based Dialog Suite™ uses big data and AI to deliver Data-Driven Dialogs™ across phone, SMS and AI-assistant devices—depending on the communication channel preferences designated by each patient. For more information on our Solutions for Healthcare Providers, please contact us here.

Provide appointment details and important pre-appointment reminders.

Sample Audio
Sample msg

Your appointment is scheduled for...

Provide patients with a with important reminders about upcoming appointments, including the date and time, any documentation required, any fasting or dietary requirements, and whether or not to refrain from taking certain medications.

Provide important information following an appointment or procedure to ensure better patient outcomes.

Sample Audio
Sample msg

Important post-op reminders now that you have been discharged...

Provide important follow-up information and instructions to ensure your patients are aware and encouraged to follow all post-procedure behaviors, exercises, or treatments.

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