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By Darin Reffitt, Vice President of Marketing
January 19, 2018

International leaders in technology gathered in Las Vegas last week for CES 2018—truly the global stage for innovation in consumer technology. SPLICE President & CEO, Tara Kelly, acted as a delegate for ICT West, along with other Western Canadian tech companies that are making a global impact. After three days of exploring the breakthrough technologies showcased at CES, one observation proved consistent: voice is all the rage! Voice-first technology is exploding onto the consumer landscape like never before. Be it Amazon Skills or Google Actions, the importance of giving your brand an authentic, emotionally-relevant voice is the key to your success in the consumer space.

Here is Tara Kelly live from CES 2018, to tell you more:

To summarize, whether your company is already mapping a voice-first strategy, or have yet to enter the voice-first landscape at all, keep these insights from CES 2018 in mind:

  1. Get Your Brand Voice Right
    Make sure the voice being used is truly the voice of your brand. As Tara says, unless your company is Amazon, the Alexa voice is likely not right for you.
  2. Pull the Data Back into Your Organization
    The conversations consumers are having with voice-first devices are critical! But what are you doing with this valuable data? Ensure that conversational data is being captured in your CRM/CCM. This data will provide consumer behavior insights like never before—that is, if it’s pulled back into your organization.
  3. Support All Platforms!
    Don’t sell yourself short by only supporting one platform. Though Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are currently leading the charge, your organization should be prepared for Apple to upend the status quo (as they often do) with the launch of HomePod, and you need to be able to support multiple platforms with your dialogs. Working with an outside provider (like SPLICE), can help do that, without needing to build for multiple platforms.

Most importantly, be nimble! Voice-first technology is new, and thus, it’s important to try, adjust and improve your strategy, to get it just right.

Want to learn more about how SPLICE can help give your brand a voice? Contact us at 1-855-777-5423.

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Darin Reffitt

Vice President of Marketing

Darin Reffitt joined SPLICE as Vice President of Marketing in June 2017, responsible for all inbound and outbound marketing for the firm. Darin has over 20 years of marketing experience, including a broad range of expertise within both the B2B and B2C spaces, including the areas of lead generation, inbound marketing, social/digital marketing, conference & event planning, advertising, collateral development, thought leadership creation, sales operations & management, direct marketing, and strategic planning. Prior to joining SPLICE, he was the owner of his own marketing firm, Marketing Intelligents, following marketing roles with EIS Group, BNY Mellon, PNC Bank, Sovereign Bank (now Santander) and The Franklin Mint. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree from Ursinus College and his MBA in Marketing from St. Joseph's University. He is also the volunteer VP of Marketing for the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA), volunteers with other organizations, reads voraciously, speaks occasionally on social media, networking, and personal branding, and golfs, albeit poorly.