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Don’t Let Your Brand Identity ‘Bleed Out’ On Third-Party AI Platforms – Forbes

You wouldn’t leave customer communications to a third party, right? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some brands are doing with AI assistants. Tara Kelly discusses the importance of maintaining your brand identity on AI platforms, and actions you can take to avoid this misstep.

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Let Customer Acquisition Costs Steer Marketing, Service Plans – TechTarget

Tara Kelly discusses the crucial importance of capturing—and actioning—customer voice data in the name of customer experience.

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Say hello to Voice Interface Optimization – MarTech Today

VP of Marketing, Darin Reffitt, shares his insights on how marketers can best optimize their brand position on voice interfaces–the next big land grab!

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Don’t Let Bots Speak for Your Brand! – MarTech Zone

SPLICE President & CEO, Tara Kelly, warns of the dangers of leaving your brand voice—and associated voice platform data—to a third-party bot.

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Using Big Data and AI to Communicate When Seconds Count – Insights Success

Tara Kelly discusses the lifesaving power of big data and AI when seconds count and lives are at stake—just in time for hurricane season!

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Press release

SPLICE Software to Sponsor, Exhibit and Present at IASA 2018 Educational Conference & Business Show, Booth #904

SPLICE Software to Sponsor, Exhibit and Present at IASA 2018 Educational Conference & Business Show, Booth #904

Award-winning CX solutions provider to demonstrate personalized Phone, SMS and Voice First Device Skills to Insurance industry professionals.

CHICAGO, May 24, 2018

SPLICE Software announced today that it will be sponsoring, speaking, and exhibiting Voice First device skills at the IASA 2018 Educational Conference & Business Show, being held June 3-6, 2018 at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, TN. SPLICE will be showcasing its omnichannel Voice solutions and demonstrating how to improve the customer experience by proactively communicating with policyholders at the right times and via their channels of choice.

SPLICE President & CEO Tara Kelly will be joined by Sherif Gemayel, President of Sharp Insurance for speaking session #374, “Find Your Voice: Using Data & AI to Improve Customer Experience” on Tuesday, June 5th from 9:45am – 10:45am. SPLICE will also be participating in the ever-popular Vendor Connect Tours, specifically tour #888, “Delivering the Best Customer Experience” on Monday, June 4th at 9:50am.

Finally, this year SPLICE will be the official sponsor of the IASA 2018 Twitter contest, which enables attendees to be entered to win an Apple HomePod® when tweeting about the conference using hashtag #IASA2018.

“The IASA conference is one of our must-attend shows each year” said Kelly, addressing SPLICE’s high level of engagement. “With the insurance industry focusing more intently on improving customer experience and increasingly embracing digital technologies, our use of Voice for both phone communications and Voice First devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home is a perfect fit for the evolving needs of the technology & operational teams in attendance at the conference.”

The annual IASA Educational Conference and Business Show is one of the largest gatherings of insurance, financial, and technology professionals in North America. The Business Show features over 200 exhibitors and solutions providers, showcasing the latest industry products and service offerings. IASA focuses heavily on industry education, and hosts over 100 learning sessions over three days. Whether you plan to network, learn, or find solutions for your business challenges, the IASA Educational Conference and Business Show is an experience that you and your organization don’t want to miss! For more information, visit the IASA website.

About SPLICE Software
SPLICE Software blends art and science to create stronger connections and improve the customer experience for insurers, bankers, healthcare providers and retailers. Our cloud-based Dialog Suite™ uses big data & Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized voice & SMS messages at critical moments along the customer journey. Our solutions allow you to connect with customers via their channels of choice; and, enable you to safely collect and efficiently manage customers’ permissions and preferences so you can personalize, test and measure like never before. For more information on SPLICE, visit our website, connect via LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter at @SPLICESoftware.

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