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Voice Search: Why you shouldn’t give your brand voice up to Google, Amazon, Apple – Tech Blog Writer

President & CEO, Tara Kelly, sat down with Neil Hughes of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast to share her insights on the importance of on-brand voice and messaging within voice-apps—and how SynthIA™ can help.

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Q&A: Why businesses should turn to brand voice apps – Digital Journal

Instead of creating Alexa skills with a custom brand voice, companies are using the stock Alexa voice, resulting in a brand “bleed out”. Tara Kelly shares her insights on this flawed adoption, including how to implement an on-brand voice and messaging within voice-apps, to avoid further “bloodshed.”

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Talking About Using Your ‘Voice’ Effectively for Marketing Success – MarTech Advisor

Tara Kelly, President & CEO of SPLICE Software, chats with MarTech Advisor about a new area for marketing professionals to focus upon: Voice, Voice Assistants, and Voice Optimization. Get actionable insights into the best way to position your brand in a space ruled by Alexa and Google Home.

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SPLICE Software and Duck Creek Technologies Announce Solution Partnership – MarTech Series

Splice to Provide API-Based Next-Gen Digital Engagement Solutions to Duck Creek Customers.

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SPLICE Software Becomes Duck Creek Solution Partner – Insurance Innovation Reporter

SPLICE will provide Duck Creek’s clients with API-enabled Data-Driven Dialogs for phone, SMS messaging, and Voice-First devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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Press release

SPLICE Software and Duck Creek Technologies Announce Solution Partnership

SPLICE Software and Duck Creek Technologies Announce Solution Partnership

SPLICE to provide API-based next-gen digital engagement solutions to Duck Creek customers

CHICAGO and BOSTON, August 23, 2018

SPLICE Software, which specializes in using big and small data and voice technologies to drive customer engagement, and Duck Creek Technologies, the leading provider of SaaS core systems to P&C insurers worldwide, announced today they have entered into a formal partnership. SPLICE is now a Solution Partner within Duck Creek’s partner ecosystem, offering solutions to Duck Creek customers through Duck Creek’s Content Exchange. SPLICE will be providing Duck Creek’s clients with API-enabled Data-Driven Dialogs® for phone, SMS messaging, and Voice-First devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Duck Creek’s Content Exchange allows Duck Creek customers to review documentation and download packages of software samples, accelerators, and standards, including pre-configured line of business kits, reports, and third-party integrations available via Duck Creek’s Anywhere Managed Integrations (available exclusively through Duck Creek OnDemand, the provider’s SaaS solution for the P&C insurance industry) and new Anywhere Enabled Integrations.

“Integrating SPLICE’s Dialog Suite™ with Duck Creek Policy and Billing is great news for carriers. The ability to send personalized, intelligent alerts in an authentic, human voice will have a real impact on how Duck Creek customers reach their insureds and drive business results,” said SPLICE CEO Tara Kelly. “With seamless and secure data exchange, it’s now easier than ever for insurers to keep their policy holders informed via consent based, intelligent messaging.”

While the initial SPLICE Content Exchange offering is focused on late payment reminders, personalized, intelligent alerts can be customized to a variety of use cases to help insurers obtain needed information from insureds, provide updates on claims, and even mitigate risk with customized pre-CAT alerts and post-CAT notifications.

“To offer process improvements and time-saving measures to our customers who value digital engagement, it was critical to align with a partner that employs cutting-edge technologies,” said Eddie Jones, Vice President of Strategies and Alliances at Duck Creek Technologies. “SPLICE brings some very impressive technology to the table in their API-based solution, and Duck Creek is happy to welcome them into our rapidly growing partner ecosystem.”

Additional information about the SPLICE and Duck Creek Partnership is available on Duck Creek’s website. Duck Creek clients can view more details and enable SPLICE integrations directly from Duck Creek’s Content Exchange.

About SPLICE Software  

SPLICE Software blends art & science in creating stronger connections and improving the customer experience for insurers, bankers, and retailers. Our cloud-based Dialog Suite™ uses Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized Voice & SMS messages at critical moments along the customer journey; allows you to connect with customers via their channels of choice; and, enables you to collect and manage customers’ permissions and preferences so you can personalize, test and measure like never before. For more information on SPLICE, visit our website, connect via LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter at @SPLICESoftware.

About Duck Creek Technologies

Duck Creek Technologies paves a genuine path to the future for P&C insurance companies. Decades of insurance experience underpin advanced technologies specifically designed to accommodate change – allowing carriers to navigate uncertainty and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors. Duck Creek solutions are available standalone or as a full suite. All are available via Duck Creek OnDemand, the provider’s SaaS solution for the P&C insurance industry. For more information, visit

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