Improve the customer experience.

Capture opt-ins and channel preferences at any and all points in the customer journey to boost future engagement rates. 

Use your opt-in data to create customer experiences that build trust, reduce churn, increase loyalty, and keep your customers informed when it matters.

Improve the customer experience.
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Keep your data up-to-date.

Our platform easily integrates with your existing tech stack to share and update data in real-time through our robust API.

Secure encryption of all records means you don't have to worry about data privacy.

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Measure what matters.

Our platform provides award-winning analytics to help you understand how your opt-in lists are doing, what type of opt-ins are being collected, and what channels your customers are opting in on the most.

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So how exactly does it work?

white chevronThe customer is asked for their channel preference and opt-in wherever it makes sense in their journey (we help you decide where that is)
white chevronData is passed to the SPLICE platform via a secure API integration (for real-time source and time-stamp knowledge)
white chevronThe platform sends a confirmation or welcome message, confirming the opt-in
white chevronYour customer records are updated, and you can now use their channel preferences to communicate with them
white chevronPreferences are continuously kept up-to-date as customers opt-in or opt-out

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Our cloud-based opt-in management platform might be for you if...

dark blue chevronYou want to know what channels your customers want to receive communications in
dark blue chevronYou want to text more of your customers
dark blue chevronYou want a legally defensible record of consent
dark blue chevronYou want to leverage this information to create tailored experiences to increase your customer life-time value


Opt-In Management Executive Brief

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Opt-In Management Solution Brief for Retail

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