Case Study

Case Study – Servus Credit Union Maximizes Attention Rates with SPLICE Voice Messages

“My team and I have engaged SPLICE directly for member communication projects since 2012. By working with SPLICE’s exceptional program directors, campaign managers and client care specialists, we executed a series of auto call campaigns that minimized traffic to our call centres and maximized our members’ awareness of the changes. What could have been a very difficult transition for both members and employees was smoother and easier for everyone because of the support and service SPLICE provided.”

Rachelle Tedder

Communications Manager


Servus Credit Union–a member-owned, community-based financial institution, and the second largest credit union in Canada–was struggling to ensure that their clients understood the changes that were being made to their accounts due to corporate systems updates. With an ever-increasing inbound call volume to the Call Centre, they began searching for solutions to maximize both their contact and engagement rates.

With a notification program that consisted of direct mail newsletters, and emails to the few accounts that had this data, the credit union turned to SPLICE’s Proactive Account Notifications to see if a more personalized and direct message–with a branded voice–was the answer.


Cost Maintenance

Depending primarily on print and live agent channels, the cost of increasing the number of touchpoints in these channels was prohibitive.

Time to Market

Working within the bureaucracy of a large financial organization, the
solution needed to get through approvals as quickly as possible.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, protocol and other program commitments, limited resources were available for this initiative.

SPLICE Proactive Account Notifications delivered personalized, targeted change management notifications in an automated, secure environment with minimal implementation timelines and higher
attention rates.

Driving Results

Servus implemented a SPLICE notification program to support the already distributed newsletters that outlined the changes in more detail. The program notified their impacted customers of their account status and where to find more information should they need it (newsletter and online). The program also maintained the option to contact the call centre for more details. The program included three stages, reminding clients of the coming changes as the effective date drew closer. More detailed information was provided closer to the effective date, allowing the clients to get the right information at the right time.

A Better Customer Experience

As a large financial institution, with a variety of packages and solutions, there is always the question of how to personalize the messages for such a diverse group. With a focus on speaking the customer’s language – as well as understanding the full customer journey–SPLICE’s Team of Linguists & Voice Talents were able to create a series of messages that were both engaging and effective; all while maintaining the brand’s identity. By maximizing how easy it was for the end customer to act on the message, the calls were also effective at driving overall brand loyalty!

Building on Success

Servus found that integrating the SPLICE module into their existing program was fast, efficient and cost effective. Plus, as a cloud-based solution, the development resources were minimal. The program has since been rolled out to additional departments (i.e. fraud) and has also been consistently optimized through improved scripts and new features (such as voice email capture).




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