Case Study

Case Study – Sharp Insurance Reduces Cancellations Due to Missed Premium Payments with SPLICE Voice Messages

“SPLICE has always been wonderful to work with. The Account Management is timely and they make it so easy to get things done.”

Sharp Insurance Testimonial


Sharp Insurance, a national insurer, differentiates its products and services through a heightened customer experience and innovative technology. With many customers dealing with insurance cancellations due to missed premium payments, Sharp was looking to reach their customers and prompt payment without increasing costs or call center resources.


Cost Maintenance

As costs escalated from reaching out to customers about cancellations, Sharp needed a solution that would minimize costs while maximizing reach and return.

Time to Market

Internal IT was slow and could not provide a solution for this initiative that would be able to go to market in a timely manner.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, protocol and other commitments, limited resources were available for this sort of ROI.

A simple yet effective campaign strategy was designed and launched using SPLICE’s unique human audio platform to help drive premium payments and enable superior customer engagement.


Automated notifications to inform customers of policy expirations –to drive payment and avoid cancellation.




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