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Case Study

Case Study – LA-Z-BOY VIP Invitations: Increase Event-Day Engagement & Sales

“Thank you for the opportunity that you have given our store with the VIP event. The impact this event had went beyond sales and traffic though. The teamwork that was created prior to and during the event was inspirational. The intangibles: unity, service, professionalism, teamwork, excitement, passion, creativity and appreciation generated with this event go beyond the sales numbers and that’s where true success takes place.”

Aaron Swartout

Scranton Store Manager


La-Z-Boy, an international furniture retailer, differentiates its products and services through a heightened customer experience. Looking for opportunities to continue to grow their customer engagement, La-Z-Boy recognized that they needed to have a more meaningful conversation with their customers, both through marketing media and in-store; without increasing costs.

A personalized communication solution that could connect to their entire database immediately and drive response rates was the answer. Turning to SPLICE VIP Event Invitations, La-Z-Boy achieved immediate results, increasing in-store traffic and sales, all while reducing overall event costs.


Cost Maintenance

As costs escalated for other media, La-Z-Boy needed a solution that would minimize costs while maximizing reach and return.

Time to Market

Internal IT was slow and could not provide a solution for this initiative that would be able to go to market in a timely manner.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, protocol and other marketing commitments, limited resources were available for this initiative. Looking for a solution that streamlined costs, and internal resources, La-Z-Boy turned to SPLICE.

The SPLICE Solution delivered personalized and localized special event invitations to recent La-Z-Boy customers, in a secure environment with a minimal implementation time.

Driving Results

La-Z-Boy implemented a 4-store Pilot Project to use SPLICE’s VIP Event Invitations to notify current customers of VIP events and free gifts for valued customers. A personalized and friendly voice message, promoting their corporate image and brand was delivered specifying the event details and the associated benefits. The other pieces of the SPLICE Turn-Key event pilot included:

  • Provision of high value customer gifts (3 Keys VIP)
  • Store Manager training programs and resource material
  • Customer Permissions & Preference Management services

A Better Customer Experience

La-Z-Boy operates throughout the USA, with a focus on speaking the customers language – in culturally diverse regions – all while maintaining their brand identity. Customers are happy to interact with the brand as it makes them feel like they’re part of something special. In order to maintain their brand identity, the messaging had to be a perfect match. With the SPLICE Team of Linguists and Voice Talents, the messaging fit the brand and emphasized the call-to-action.

Building on Success

La-Z-Boy found that integrating SPLICE into their existing systems was fast, efficient and cost effective. Plus, the impact on their IT resources was minimal. The program has since been rolled out to all stores.




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