Case Study

Case Study – Mercedes Benz Executes Luxury Lounge Loyalty Program and Increases Traffic & Female Engagement

“SPLICE is very professional and very organized! On our event day we were busy, and the customers that showed up were very enthusiastic. I give SPLICE an A+ in being able to generate traffic!”

Mark Zetlin

Sales Manager


Mercedes-Benz of Arlington is a high-end brand that strives to deliver a branded customer experience. With their past marketing being primarily targeted at males, they were looking to expand their reach to the market of female buyers while also increasing their in-dealership traffic. Mercedes-Benz of Arlington needed to reach prospects while still maintaining a high level of personalization.

Turning to the SPLICE all-inclusive loyalty program, Mercedes-Benz of Arlington launched the “Luxury Lounge” VIP campaign and achieved an increase in their female customer base and general in-store traffic while maintaining a personalized customer experience.


Lack of female prospects

The dealership was struggling with driving new traffic to the store within their limited area of influence. Past marketing strategies were male centric and excluded the potential to sell to female market.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, a limited number of resources were available to contact the number of prospects and existing customers they wanted to reach. Looking for a solution that could both reach the right amount of prospects and work with the dealership to launch a luxurious in-store loyalty experience, Mercedes-Benz of Arlington turned to SPLICE.

An all-inclusive loyalty package was launched using SPLICE’s unique audio & tablet programs to drive female traffic into the dealership for a luxurious event.

Driving Results

Mercedes-Benz of Arlington implemented a Pilot Project to use SPLICE’s all-inclusive loyalty program to drive existing customers and new female prospects into the dealership. The Luxury Lounge included a specialty coffee station, mini manicures, special “thank you” gifts, as well as a special offers. A personalized and friendly voice message, promoting their corporate image and their “Luxury Lounge” loyalty event was delivered by SPLICE through automated notifications and A.I.M (Agent Initiated Message) calls. In each of these channels, customers were invited to receive complimentary mini-manicures and were provided with several different ways to book an appointment.

Mercedes-Benz of Arlington had 30 test drives within the first few hours of their “Luxury Lounge” event – a majority of those test drives were done by female customers and prospects who received manicures, which contributed to increased store traffic and sales leads.

A Better Customer Experience

Mercedes-Benz of Arlington is a luxury brand where customers feel like they’re part of something special. In order to maintain their brand identity, SPLICE provided linguistically optimized scripting to ensure the phone messages fit the brand and emphasized the luxurious nature. Many customers were extremely satisfied with the “Luxury Lounge” and some went as far as saying: “I am sure glad I bought my 2 last Mercedes at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington.”

SPLICE’s omni-channel approach also included the implementation of in-dealership tablets that were used during the event to collect customer opt-ins – this allowed Mercedes-Benz of Arlington to send out more personalized communications to their customers and prospects in their preferred channels.

Building on Success

Mercedes-Benz of Arlington found that using the SPLICE loyalty program was effective in driving traffic to the dealership – especially in terms of new female prospects.




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