Case Study

Case Study – Servus Learns Human Voice Messaging Trumps Both Direct Mail & Call Center Effectiveness

“Overall, we received positive feedback from our members on the calls – their engagement was positive , with the majority of inbound callers asking qualified questions. – exactly what we were hoping for!”

Rachelle Tedder

Communications Manager


Servus a member-owned community based financial institution, prides itself on delivering exceptional service to it’s nearly 400,000 members. As of late, Servus feared that their members were not as aware of upcoming changes to their accounts as they ideally would be.

Looking for opportunities to improve this gap, Servus recognized that they needed a way to guarantee that members were receiving their updates. Turning to SPLICE automated notifications, Servus achieved immediate results, increasing the number of informed conversations and decreasing the number of negative reactive conversations with members.


Cost Maintenance

As costs escalate for other media, Servus needed a solution that would minimize costs while maximizing reach and return.

Time to Market

Internal IT was slow and could not provide a solution for this initiative that would be able to go to market in a timely manner.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, protocol and other marketing  commitments, limited resources were available for this initiative. Looking for a solution that streamlined costs, and internal resources, Servus turned to SPLICE..

The SPLICE Solution delivered customized, relevant messages with all the new banking system details and go-live dates, in a secure environment with a minimal implementation time.

Driving Results

Servus implemented a Pilot Project to use SPLICE’s automated voice notifications to notify their members of upcoming changes to their accounts. A personalized and friendly voice message, promoting their corporate image and brand was delivered specifying the pending changes and providing members with options for more information (newsletters, website and call centre). Corporate found that these messages were received much better than information distributed through other media, and in fact, were more effective at driving attention rates in the other media as well.

A Better Customer Experience

Servus operates throughout Alberta, with a focus on making their clients lives easier – all while maintaining their brand identity. Customers are happy to interact with the brand as it makes them feel like they’re part of something special. In order to maintain their brand identity, the messaging had to be a perfect match. With the SPLICE Team of Linguists and Voice Talents, the messaging fit the brand and emphasized the call-to-action.

Building on Success

Servus found that integrating SPLICE into their existing systems was fast, efficient and cost effective. Plus, the impact on their IT resources was minimal.




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