Case Study

Case Study – Servus Credit Union Improves Fraud Program Efficiency with SPLICE Voice Messages

“The calls went extremely well and saved us a hellish amount of time!”

Jeremy Nicholls

Manager, Fraud & Investigation


Servus a member-owned community based financial institution, prides itself on delivering exceptional service to it’s nearly 400,000 members. Most importantly, they needed to provide timely notifications to account holders whose accounts were frozen due to fraud alerts. Servus feared that their current program of using live agents was too costly and slow. Looking for opportunities to improve, Servus recognized that they needed speed, accuracy and trace-ability for this endeavor.

Turning to SPLICE automated notifications, Servus saw immediate improvement in both customer experience scores and call center productivity.


Cost Maintenance

As costs escalated within the call center, Servus needed a solution that would minimize costs while maximizing reach.

Time to Market

Internal IT was slow and could not provide a solution for this initiative that would be able to go to market in a timely manner.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, protocol and other commitments, limited resources were available for this initiative. Looking for a solution that streamlined both costs and internal resources, Servus turned to SPLICE.

The SPLICE Solution delivered on-demand, customized messages with all the required account details to these members through a secure environment with a minimal implementation time.

Driving Results

Servus implemented an on-going Program to use SPLICE’s automated voice notifications to notify their members if their accounts had been frozen due to fraud. A personalized and friendly voice message, promoting their corporate image and brand was delivered notifying them that their accounts were frozen and the next steps to getting it rectified. Servus was able to get these calls out to their members much faster and more efficiently than ever before, improving the end customer experience by notifying them of an issue before the embarrassment that comes with using a frozen account.

A Better Customer Experience

Servus has a focus on making their clients lives easier – all while maintaining their brand identity. Customers are happy to interact with the brand as it makes them feel like they’re part of something special. In order to maintain their brand identity, as well as enforcing the seriousness of the matter at hand, the messaging had to be a perfect match. With the SPLICE Team of Linguists and Voice Talents, the messaging fit the brand and emphasized the call-to-action.

Building on Success

Servus found that integrating SPLICE into their existing systems was fast, efficient and cost effective. Plus, the impact on their IT resources was minimal.




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