Case Study

Case Study – Telus Improves Email Capture Rates & ROI with SPLICE Voice Messages

“Overall, we received positive feedback from our members on the calls – their engagement was positive , with the majority of inbound callers asking qualified questions. – exactly what we were hoping for!”

Glenn Peters

Customer Communications Manager


TELUS, a national telecom company, differentiates its products and services through a heightened customer experience. With email penetration rates sliding, TELUS was looking to improve digital communication reach without increasing costs or call center resources. Direct Mail was too expensive and other channels were slow to market.

A personalized communication solution that could connect to their entire database immediately and drive response rates was the answer. Turning to the SPLICE Email Capture Solution, TELUS achieved immediate results, increasing the size of their email list while reducing the cost of acquisition.


Cost Maintenance

As costs escalated for other marketing media, TELUS needed a solution that would minimize costs while maximizing reach and return.

Time to Market

Internal IT was slow and could not provide a solution for this initiative that would be able to go to market in a timely manner.

Constrained Resources

Due to the company’s size, protocol and other marketing commitments, limited resources were available for this initiative.

A simple yet effective campaign strategy was designed and launched using SPLICE’s unique human audio platform to help capture emails and enable superior customer engagement.

Driving Results

TELUS implemented a Pilot Project to use SPLICE’s Email Capture Program for current customers to update their email addresses. A personalized and friendly voice message, promoting their corporate image and brand was delivered specifying the information being requested (email address) and the associated benefits. Customers were provided with several options for immediate interaction:

  • Record your email address in real-time
  • Press one to connect to a call center rep or, call you back to obtain the email address
  • An inbound toll-free number where customers can call in to record their email address

A Better Customer Experience

TELUS operates in culturally diverse regions with a specific brand identity. Customers are happy to interact with the brand as it makes them feel like they’re part of something special. In order to maintain their brand identity, the messaging had to be a perfect match. With the SPLICE Team of Linguists and Voice Talents, the messaging fit the brand and emphasized the call-to-action.

Building on Success

TELUS found that integrating SPLICE into their existing systems was fast, efficient and cost effective. Plus, the impact on their IT resources was minimal.


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