SPLICE Solutions for Retailers

SPLICE’s unique, patented and award-winning, technology answers growing customer demands to be contacted via their channel of choice (on their own terms) at critical points in the customer journey. SPLICE’s dialogs for phone, SMS messaging, and AI-assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home can get you out of the red zone by connecting with your customer at the right time and place. To see how, select a journey touch-point below.

Drive traffic, increase sales, and motivate your employees with a turn-key program.

Sample audio

You’re invited to the SPLASH Mart VIP Event this…

Boost sales potential by delivering premium and personalized invitations promptly and cost effectively. Include optional transfers to your store or call center, fostering a positively managed customer experience. This is an Award-Winning dialog - and was recognized as a 2015 Customer Experience & Innovation Award Winner!

Quickly notify customers of their deliveries to boost satisfaction.


SPLASH Mart Reminder: your delivery is scheduled for Mon Jan 4th @ 3:00 PM. To…

Conveniently provide a quick status update on deliveries, so that your customers aren’t left wondering. This program reduces no-show rates, to help your delivery team’s productivity. These messages provide customers with the details they need to confirm their delivery - at the touch of a button.

Encourage customer engagement to make positive changes for lasting relationships.


Your feedback on your recent SPLASH Mart purchase is appreciated. Please…

Empower customers with a survey in the channel of their preference, so they know you care, and get the guidance you need to make them a raving fan! With the touch of a button, customers can leave comments for you, so that there are no barriers to their voice creating a better experience.

Develop even more customer experience (CX) enhancing messages.

Call customers to action during other parts of the customer journey that are currently not providing optimized experiences. Potential dialogs can reassure customers after an account change, provide reminders, and announce new brand messages in a legally compliant manner. The SPLICE Client Success Team is here to help you develop your use case into a successful notification or call-to-action for your customers!

Take a Tour of the Dialogs, Watch the Video Below!

Additional Features

Text-2- Link

Provides customers with mobile device SMS text links for further information - such as apps or videos - after they hear your company’s customized SPLICE call.


Enables customers the opportunity to directly transfer to another phone number (such as your call center or an agent) during an already relevant outbound call.

Opt-In Capture

Provides customers the opportunity to select their channel preference through this expressed consent for SMS or Voice communications. When customers select their option, SPLICE houses and exports this critical data into your company’s database to assure legal compliance.

Email Capture

Allows customers to record their email address, SPLICE then transcribes and exports this critical data into your company’s database, in real-time through our API. Email Capture can be especially beneficial for collecting email addresses from potential customers, and getting the business-customer relationship off to the right start.

Comment Capture

Gives customers the opportunity to leave a comment during an outbound call. We highly recommend Comment Capture, so that you can hear the Voice of your Customer (VoC). Your SPLICE Account Representative will categorize and report comments to your company.


Offers customers the opportunity to replay full or partial automated messages again so that they never miss a beat.

Alternate Language

Gives customers the option to hear from your company in their preferred language by the press of a button - with the right tone, cadence and dialect to match the region.

Tangible, Measureable Results

Here to Help Every Step of the Process

Account Managers are our client's go-to person to ensure success on all things SPLICE.

The SPLICE Client Success Team has received recognition as Stevie Award Employees of the Year.

Your Account Manager will help with:

  • Recommending the most effective communications channel
  • Implementing SPLICE Software - including training and IT/development work (as needed)
  • Customizing messages, whether voice or SMS, to reinforce your brand
  • Reviewing results and monitoring messages for continuous improvement in meeting your company’s goals... and more!

Loved By Our Clients

“Thank you for the opportunity that you have given our store this month with the VIP event. Without question, it was a tremendous day and all involved have my thanks and appreciation for it. The impact this event had went beyond sales and traffic though. The teamwork that was created prior to and during the event was inspirational. There was a definite sense of excitement and anticipation created – all of which were brought about a successful day for us. Again, I want to impress upon you the intangible’s… Unity, service, professionalism, teamwork, excitement, passion, creativity and appreciation that were generated with this event.”


“Last year we ran the same amount of advertising as this year, and with the SPLICE VIP Program, we experienced, on average, an 85% increase in sales for the same two days this year.”

Vice-President, Advertising

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