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SPLICE’s comprehensive solutions are created in partnership with industry-leading providers. Yet, we continue to seek opportunities to grow knowledge and technological resources.


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If you believe partnerships lead to amplified success, especially within the realm of customer experience, a partnership with SPLICE is for you. Offering a patented, award-winning, and cloud-based Dialog Suite™, SPLICE specializes in using data to create, track, and measure messages that drive customer engagement and action for insurers, bankers, and retailers.

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To offer process improvements and time-saving measures to our customers who value digital engagement, it was critical to align with a partner that employs cutting-edge technologies. SPLICE brings some very impressive technology to the table in their API-based solution, and Duck Creek is happy to welcome them into our rapidly growing partner ecosystem.

Duck Creek Technologies

Core system providers have historically had this mentality of “being all things to all people,” however, Insuresoft is driving in a different direction. Mission-critical applications that plug into the core platform are essential to how insurers communicate with clients and provide new user experiences. We partnered with SPLICE to meet the needs of insurers to drive engagement with policyholders. Making the implementation experience as straightforward and seamless as possible for clients was also essential. With SPLICE, their API allows us to connect critical data points between our platforms so that data is appropriately combined and stored. Immediately, data is ready for carriers to harvest and manage as they see fit across their enterprise. Having these ready-to-use integrations makes it easy for carriers to pilot programs and partnerships that they might not have otherwise considered due to cost or resource demands.


Carriers today are looking for innovative solutions that are quick and simple to implement and require minimal IT resources. SPLICE makes it easy to set up and integrate their automated notification solutions on any core or digital platform, including Digital1st® Insurance and Majesco Core products due to their simple and accessible API. Their technical and operations team is very agile and provides a quick turnaround time – ensuring rapid delivery.


This partnership will empower Sapiens' clients to improve the timeliness, relevance and trust associated with their communication efforts. The Sapiens-SPLICE partnership makes it simple for clients to get set up and see significant results within 90 days.


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