Our Partners

SPLICE Software believes that meaningful partnerships lead to amplified success—particularly in the realm of customer experience.

SPLICE’s patented, award-winning Dialog Suite™ uses data to create, track, and measure customer engagement and action for Retailers, Insurers, Financial Services, and Healthcare Providers. Our comprehensive, turn-key solutions are created in partnership with industry-leading providers. Yet, we continue to look for new opportunities to pool knowledge and technical resources.

If you are looking to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and grow your bottom line, then a partnership with SPLICE is for you. SPLICE offers the cloud-based Dialog Suite™ to our partners, in addition to the following benefits.

Referral Partners:
• Receive a percentage of sales for referring clients;
• SPLICE Marketing, cross-branding & promotional support;
• Product knowledge training for your Sales & Marketing teams;
• A dedicated SPLICE Partner team; and,
• Access to the SPLICE Dialog Controller™ for detailed reports & analytics.

Reseller Partners:
• The ability to build your own pricing models & deployment timelines;
• SPLICE Marketing, cross-branding & promotional support;
• Product knowledge training for your Sales & Marketing teams;
• A dedicated SPLICE Partner team; and
• Access to the SPLICE Dialog Controller™ for detailed reports & analytics.

Promotional Partners:
• Receive incentives based on joint business opportunities;
• SPLICE Marketing, cross-branding and promotional support;
• Product knowledge training for your Sales & Marketing teams; and
• A dedicated SPLICE Partner team.

Learn more about our existing partnerships below.


Partner Since: 2018
Partner Services: Insurance Solutions Support
Description: Insuresoft is providing SPLICE's Data-Driven Dialogs® as a seamless integration into the Diamond Platform.


Partner Since: 2018
Partner Services: Insurance Solutions Support
Description: Kaboodle a collaborative of innovative insurance software and service providers that together help transform the business of insurance.

Duck Creek Technologies

Partner Since: 2018
Partner Services: Insurance Solutions Support
Description: Duck Creek Technologies paves a genuine path to the future for P&C insurance companies. Decades of insurance experience underpin advanced technologies specifically designed to accommodate change—allowing carriers to navigate uncertainty and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors. Duck Creek solutions are available standalone or as a full suite—all are available via Duck Creek OnDemand, the provider’s SaaS solution for the P&C insurance industry.


Partner Since: 2018
Partner Services: Pre-Cat Insurance Notifications
Description:The IBM Marketplace is a rich ecosystem of solutions, showcased on a single platform for enterprise buyers from around the world. Visit IBM's website.

Whitepages Pro

Partner Since: 2017
Partner Services: Global Identity Verification Solutions
Description: Whitepages Pro provides businesses with global identity verification solutions via enterprise-scale APIs and web tools to help identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new customer account creation. We do this by applying pattern recognition, predictive analytics and machine learning to the five core consumer data attributes of email, phone, person, physical address, and IP to power our solutions. As a leader in global identity data, Whitepages developed our own fully-integrated Identity Graph database which houses more than 5 billion global identity records for real time integrations into companies existing platforms, workflows, and data models. Visit Whitepages' website.

Oracle Insurance Policy Administration

Partner Since: 2016
Partner Services: Insurance Solutions Specialization
Description: Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) is an insurance policy administration solution that supports policy issues, billing, collections, policy processing, and claims. In this line, and as a specialized member of the Oracle Partner Network, OPIA has recognized SPLICE as an expert in helping insurers manage communications in the policyholder’s journey. Visit Oracle’s website.


Partner Since: 2016
Partner Services: AppExchange Connection to SPLICE’s Dialog Suite™
Description: Salesforce is the innovative company behind the worlds leading customer relationship management solution. Their cloud-based so­ftware helps businesses build more meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers. Through a seamless integration on the AppExchange, SPLICE & Salesforce’s Partnership offers secure data transfer, visualization, and the ability for companies to send personalized communication solutions that match their end-customer preferences and lifestyle; read more here, or visit Salesforce’s website.

Customer Experience University (CXU)

Partner Since: 2016
Partner Services: Authorized Resource Training Provider specializing in Customer Experience Expertise
Description: CXU is committed to offering quality professional development programs & consulting services that appropriately challenge businesses to gain knowledge and skills in the fundamentals, and best practices of, CX. From comprehensive Online Courses to custom designed Action Learning Workshops, as well as certification prep for the CCXP exam, CXU prepares professionals to provide an excellent CX. Learn more at our webinar, here, or visit CX University’s website.


Partner Since: 2016
Partner Services: Insurance Solutions Support
Description: With over two decades of experience, Majesco’s market leading software, consulting, and services empower insurers with the agility, innovation and speed needed to meet transformation opportunities. With a seamless integration of the SPLICE Dialog Suite™ and Majesco DigitalConnect, this partnership enables insurers to deliver personalized communication to enhance the customer experience for billing notices as well as account updates. Visit Majesco’s website.

Clear Point Claims

Partner Since: 2014
Partner Services: Insurance Management Software
Description: Clear Point Claims (CPC) supports a US-wide network of adjusters providing incredible, 24/7 call center support for Catastrophe (CAT) claim providers. CPC acts as a reseller for SPLICE Solutions, specifically within the realm of CAT Notifications and First Notice of Loss (FNOL). With a focus on streamlining the claims experience through proactive notifications, CPC’s business strategy involves a customer-centric model that provides “The Clear Difference” in customer experience. Read more here or visit CPC’s website .

Strategic Information Technology (SIT)

Partner Since: 2014
Partner Services: Banking Software
Description: Strategic Information Technology provides unique banking software for large financial institutions to be able to securely lend, collect and manage money. Their unique Portfolio Plus banking software is used by RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, Manulife as well as credit unions, automotive lenders, mortgage and trust companies, to manage millions of accounts. SPLICE has integrated with the Portfolio Plus software to provide automated calls and text messages to SIT clients. Visit SIT’s website.

Consumer Centric Strategy, Inc.

Partner Since: 2013
Partner Services: Consulting Expertise
Description: Consumer Centric Strategy, Inc., a consulting company focused on customer-centric strategies, specializes in providing customer-centric management solutions; generating customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consumer Centric works with SPLICE clients to: identify who their customers are; find out what their customers want; design their customer & sales process around the needs of the customer; train their employees; establish performance metrics, and measure customer feedback. Visit CCS’s website.

3 Keys VIP

Partner Since: 2010
Partner Services: VIP Gift Sourcing
Description: 3 Keys VIP is one of the leading event marketing firms for North American retailers. The team has proven expertise in VIP/loyalty events and product sourcing support. 3 Keys VIP has done all of the research, promotion development, and test markets in order to deliver fully customizable, turn-key in-store events. In this regard, 3 Keys VIP partners with SPLICE for VIP Invitation programs – helping to create the red carpet experience, increasing retail traffic and delivering strong ROI. Visit 3 Keys VIP’s website.

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