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Short description: SPLICE supports our clients in creating communication programs and strategies that help inspire customer connections through multiple media platforms. Primarily, we focus on opt-in management, automated messages and conversations, as well as intelligent reporting. 

Boilerplate: SPLICE exists to support businesses in the creation of the best communication programs and strategies, to ensure that your customers are engaged, happy and committed—in other words, stuck to you like glue. And, we do it safely, easily, and with a big smile.

Established in 2006, after a bad customer experience with a bank, President & CEO Tara Kelly decided that, “it can be better.” Since then, SPLICE has worked with retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and even non-profits to improve their customer communication experience to create loyal, raving fans.

Tara Kelly

A serial innovator, published author and founder of SPLICE Software, Tara Kelly is passionate about technology’s potential to change lives for the better. She has consistently channelled that belief into developing technologies that enhance operations, enable better service delivery, and improve the customer experience. This has resulted in the founding of three distinct customer experience based companies. Most recently, turning an innovative idea into a patented, proprietary technology (US Patent Number 9348812) that harnesses data streams to create personalized, automated messages. SPLICE solutions were included in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Insurance, 2016” report, Forrester’s “IoT and Analytics Startups Can Turn Insurers into the ‘Good Guys’” brief.
Tara has been quoted and featured in publications, such as the Financial Post, Forbes, Martech Advisor, Authority Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Total Retail. She has also shared her passion for creating better customer experiences on the Speaking in Tech and Spot on Insurance podcasts. Tara has shared her expertise as a speaker at Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Conference, SpeechTek, ACORD Innovation, the CODiE Awards, and many other conferences and events. Tara shares her experiences of creating dynamic solutions, successful team and her goal of creating a healthy, humane work environment–in the recently published book, Our Journey To Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership.