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With SPLICE, you can add emails to go with your other channels to ensure:

dark blue chevronBrand consistency in notifications and messaging
dark blue chevronCustomers receive notifications how they want it
dark blue chevronProvide more details than the other channels

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Send personalized, secure emails with the right information at the right time. SPLICE specializes in streamlining your communications within your workflows and ensuring your customers are reached the way they want to be reached or in the most sensible way. Send data-driven automated notifications or personalized drip emails based on interactions in your workflows. Save time and money, and feel great knowing your customers are taken care of.
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Meet your customers where they already are.

Your customers and your team are already using email. Some emails are made to be adjusted or changed frequently or created on the fly with your marketing team. Some are already integrated into your CRM for drip emails. Some are manually done by employees or already automated but don’t really fit anywhere. SPLICE’s emails support multiple stages of the customer journey and can keep the personalized touch without sacrificing personal time.

Our team of SPLICE specialists will work with you to create email programs that work within your workflows and processes.
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