A virtual line management system your customers can join from anywhere using QR codes, text messages, or your website.

SPLICE Fast Pass™ lets you:

orange chevron Protect your visitors and staff
orange chevronControl your wait list digitally 
orange chevronGive your visitors the best waiting and shopping experience possible

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So how exactly does SPLICE Fast Pass™ work?

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How your clients join the virtual line.

Your customers can join the queue from:

  1. their mobile device via text message
  2. on-site with a QR code
  3. online

Remove friction from the customer journey by giving your customers a convenient way to join a virtual wait list, without having to wait in a physical line-up. 

Gain real-time insight into your virtual wait list with a web-based dashboard. It's easy to use and simple to learn. 

The dashboard shows you how many clients are waiting, how many have been served, the number of no-shows, the average wait-time,  and more.

Easily manage the customers expectations and communicate with them, in a compliant way.

Send templated text messages to your customers letting them know when to enter the store, if your employees need more time, and more!

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Intelligent analytics and reporting allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Customizable reports lets you see location and agent performance by geographical area or location types.

See how many clients are waiting, how many have been served, the number of no-shows, the average wait-time and more.

Automated machine learning allows each of your stores to adjust wait times based on historical averages by store and your in-store preferences. 

Calendar integrations for booking and managing appointments.

Take advantage of integrations with scheduling partners, like Appointedd™. Our SPLICE Fast Pass+™ product means you can give your customers the option to book in-store or virtual appointments, and schedule product pick-ups. 

And the best part? 

Appointments instantly sync to your SPLICE Fast Pass+™ dashboard so you can make sure you have the right number of staff to provide your customers a safe and socially-distanced experience.

Your customers will love how frictionless it is to do business with you, and your staff will appreciate the increased certainty.

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The SPLICE Fast Pass™ virtual line and wait list management is for you if...

white chevronYou're a retailer or service-based business
white chevronYou want to provide customers with the best possible waiting or pick-up experience
white chevronYou want to maximize business results 
white chevronYou want to keep your staff and customers safe by ensuring proper COVID-19 protocols

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