Privacy Policy

How SPLICE Software Protects You & Your Data


SPLICE Software values your privacy—this policy outlines what information we collect and why we collect it. Our two primary categories of personal information we collect are:

  • Your personal information as a client of SPLICE Software—those who interact with us directly and with our Dialog Suite™ or any related platform;
  • The personal information of your customers/our end users with whom you wish to use our platform to connect.

We collect your information to better provide services to both you and your end users:

  • When you visit SPLICE Software at our public-facing website homepage or sub-pages at; When you sign up to receive additional information, request a whitepaper or case study, or download any other resources requiring a form submission;
  • When you provide contact information at an in-person event, such as an industry conference or educational breakfast; or
  • When you contact SPLICE’s sales & marketing team or client success team.

Visiting Our Website(s)

When you visit our website or sign up for a demo, we collect information automatically using tracking technologies (e.g. cookies, pixels, webforms, etc.). We collect this information to help you determine what services you may need from us and to have a better, more personalized web experience with us. Some of information that we may collect include unique identifiers, browser types, operating system, etc. We also collect information about your interaction with our services, including IP address, date, time, etc. We collect this information when your device contacts our servers.

Updating Your Preferences

Please contact your sales representative or an account manager to update your preferences. Or contact to opt-out of marketing promotions.

Your End Users

We use your end users’ data to provide personalized, data-driven communications to your end user based off of your program requirements. We will only contact those customers who are part of the program(s) and never outside of it. We only use the data you provide to contact them as you request it. We may also use the data to provide better insights to you in order to grow your programs and provide better experiences to the end users. We also store your end users’ communication preferences for compliance purposes (including opt-outs & opt-ins).

Securing Personal Information

We protect data with industry best practices for transactional and data-at-rest encryption, auditing, logging, and access control. Please contact us at for more information.

Compliance with Multiple Regulators

We maintain servers throughout North America. Data protection laws vary among countries, with some providing more protection than others. We consider the same security no matter where we process your data, while also complying with certain specific compliancy in restricted areas, relating to the transfer of data, such as the EU-US.

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