How SPLICE Software Protects You & Your Data

Due to the nature of SPLICE’s Data-Driven Dialogs™ it is important for us to ensure that our Clients’ Customer data is protected and secured at all times. In order to ensure this, SPLICE takes the following precautions when working with Client data:

  • The ownership of data provided by the Client to SPLICE is, and will remain, owned by the Client.
  • SPLICE will not share Client data without express written consent.
  • SPLICE will maintain and process all data within the SPLICE Dialog Suite™, a secure, online environment. SPLICE limits access to Client  data to SPLICE personnel, who have signed confidentiality agreements, and Client personnel as requested.
  • All Client data will be maintained in its country of origin.

As a leading direct marketing and targeted communications company we are subject to, or affected by, numerous laws, regulations and industry standards that address, among other things, privacy, data security and marketing preference management. SPLICE is committed to ensuring that all of our business dealings and Client campaigns are conducted in material compliance with applicable laws, regulations and contractual agreements addressing privacy, data security and marketing practices. These requirements impact the manner in which we, or our Clients, capture, handle, analyze, disseminate and dispose of Customer and prospect data as part of our Client engagements and other business activities.