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SPLICE’s Data-Driven Dialogs® aren’t robocalls. They’re personalized Voice- and SMS-messages that are delivered via your clients’ channels of choice. We use professional Voice talents and an industry-leading method of Human Voice Naturalization to deliver messages that are customized to each customer using your CRM & other system data. The SPLICE Naturalizer combines authentic sound tones and sentiments to create messages that sound human. In short, we create better messages that people want to hear.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself. Simply fill out the form at right and we’ll call you almost immediately, so you can hear just how different our Voice dialogs are. Be sure to note what information you insert into the Personalization portion of the form, since that data will be used within your call—the same way your customers’ data will be used in your active dialogs.

SMS Message Option: If you provide your mobile/cell phone number, you’ll also be given the option to receive a follow-up text message—another feature of our patented Dialog Suite™.

Please note: Calls are placed on weekdays between 9am & 8pm and on weekends between 12pm & 5pm, based on the local time for the area code provided. Please see our FAQ below for more information on call times, form submissions, and call quality.

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Information to Personalize Your Call:

Use information you’ll remember, or make a note of your entries, as the data provided will be included in your demo call.
Six Digit Dollar Amount ($1,000.00-$9,999.99)*

Six Digit Number*

Month and Day of the Year*

Time of Day* (to be voiced in call, not for call scheduling)

By submitting this form I confirm that the information provided is true and correct and that the contact phone number and email address provided are owned by either myself or my employer, and that I am giving permission for SPLICE Software to contact me via those channels. I further confirm that I understand that: 1) misuse of this form and/or misrepresentation of personal information is fraud, and that I will be held accountable for any potential legal action resulting from fraudulent entry; 2) my IP address is tracked with this submission, and cases of fraud as defined above will be pursued as required through my ISP.

Demo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why didn’t my call come through immediately?

Calls are placed on weekdays between 9am & 8pm and on weekends between 12pm & 5pm, based on the local time for the area code provided. If you are completing this form during those hours, your call will be queued and will be delivered shortly after you submit the form. However, due to legal restrictions on promotional calling, forms submitted outside those allowed hours will not be executed until the following day. This is an example of how SPLICE ensures our clients stay compliant with existing laws, as well as your customers’ permissions and preferences.

2. Why can’t I place a second demo call immediately after the first?

To ensure our demo system isn’t used inappropriately (for example, for practical jokes, harassment purposes, or other “trolling” that can unfortunately occur on the Internet) there is a freeze on second calls to the same number of 10 minutes programmed into our demo system. This ensures that if someone is receiving unrequested calls that there is time for him or her to call our toll-free number that is included in the call to report the incident and for our team to remove additional calls from the queue.

3. Why did I have issues with the audio quality on my demo call?

Our system utilizes studio-recorded audio segments that are “spliced” together when utilized for phone calls or home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Unfortunately, telecommunications systems do occasionally suffer from poor connections, regardless of the originating source. We are unable to predict the quality of a connection that occurs as the phone lines are connected across providers. If you receive a call with less than great quality (which occurs in a very small number of our calls) please try your demo call a second time, either using a second phone number or with the same number after waiting 10 minutes for the system to allow a second call to the same number.

4. Why do I need to use six-digit number for the dollar amount and number entries? Will that be a limit for my dialogs as well?

The fixed-digit limitations on number length(s) are limits of this particular form and dialog, not of the SPLICE Dialog Suite. Our system is flexible and can deliver dollar amounts and identifiers of any length, and identifiers may also include both numbers and letters as needed. Formats and requirements are built into our clients’ dialogs to align with their database structure when API connectivity is established. The limits you see here were simply chosen by SPLICE’s marketing team to keep this demo simple to use and industry-agnostic.