Improved customer experience.

Green ChevronSegment your customer data and send calls to the right customers, ensuring your message reaches the people it needs to.

Green ChevronEasily integrate your customer data and use it to personalize different parts of your desired message. We help you build the best experience so your customers listen to the calls. 

Green ChevronUsing SPLICE automated calls, you can effectively communicate important messages in the right tone to stay on-brand and engaged with your customers.

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Seamless integrations. 

Our platform easily integrates with your existing call-centers and provides a seamless experience for both the agents and customers. Agents can interact with customers in real-time when they connect live, and can drop a personalized voicemail when they reach a machine.

Easily integrate your customer data and use it to personalize different parts of your desired messaging. Segment your customers based on channel preferences to send calls to the right customers, ensuring your message reaches the people it needs to. 

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Measurable ROI and continuous improvement.

3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMGain insights about your campaigns and messages faster without needing to involve IT
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMWith data flowing directly into our platform, your teams get consistency across all your tools 
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMView a list of opt-ins, opt-outs, listenership, engagement, and reach
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMOur trusted libraries and infrastructure scan your data so you can be confident your data is correct
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMOur dedicated client success team helps you analyze your data and improve future campaigns and messages
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Combine automation and personalization to create custom workflows.

Say goodbye to spending countless hours designing custom campaigns and messages. Easily integrate your existing customer data to create intuitive workflows that are personalized and automated. 

Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we have dozens of pre-made recipes you can implement to see instant results.

The best part? Our best-in-class integrations allow you to build workflows that integrate with your existing business processes, such as taking payment, redirecting calls, booking appointments, and sending appointment reminders and confirmations, to name a few. 

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Key features of SPLICE calls.

3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMCustomizable caller-ID
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMTargeted data analysis to help you identify who your best customers are
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMOpt-in and channel preference can be captured at the same time
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMFully compliant with all regulatory bodies
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMProprietary voice-technology allows us to do personalized, human-voiced auto-calls cheaper and better than competitors
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMUnique personalization tokens such as first name, location, date, time, balance owing, and more available.
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Our live-agent and automated calls are for you if...

3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMYou want to maximize call-center agent productivity
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMYou want to reach nearly 100% of your customers
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMYou want to accurately measure ROI of calling campaigns
3-Oct-30-2020-05-49-47-55-PMYou want to capture more customer opt-ins at the same time

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10 Ways Automated Calling Can Improve Both Customer Experience & the Bottom Line eBook

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