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Disaster & Emergency Management

Program Overview

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Notify your Policyholders

Build trust with your policyholders by keeping them informed in times of uncertainty. 

Purple ChevronSend proactive alerts to potential at-risk policyholders

Purple ChevronEnsure alternative contact information is up-to-date

Purple ChevronReminders to follow any evacuation orders

Purple ChevronInform on precautions to reduce exposure to damage

Purple ChevronSend notifications/updates on claim times and processes

How do Disaster & Emergency Notifications work?

Notify policyholders of potential impending emergencies, disaster and/or severe weather events:

Proactively notify your policyholders of events (pre-event):
Purple ChevronGeographically filter and sort to maximize relevancy
Purple ChevronSend notifications of any prevention tips or services 
Purple ChevronUpdate policyholders of expectations or changes to processes 
Purple ChevronShare information for resources and next steps if a events affects them

Keep policyholders updated during and after:
Purple ChevronNotify policyholders with updates on contractor appointments
Purple ChevronSend post-event notices to set expectations and let your policyholders know you care 
Purple ChevronGet feedback with automated surveys on your program

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"SPLICE has been an incredible partner for our company to help with our communication outreach efforts, especially as it pertains to our ability to assist our customers after a major catastrophic event. They have been extremely proactive in providing us with solutions for consideration and kept us up-to-date on new technology options."

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