Automation for your marketing and quote follow-up efforts 

Increase the speed of new customer acquisition using intelligent automation and personalization.

Green ChevronAutomate your follow-up process to prospects

Green Chevron

Schedule calls and meetings, and then send reminders

Green ChevronBuild better relationships using built-in personalization

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Communicate with your policyholders in any channel:

Marketing and quote follow-up 1

Connect with prospects, wherever they are.

Remain top of mind with prospects by reaching out to them through the right channels, with the right messaging, at the right time. Remove the barriers to switching by offering your prospects a elevated communication experience, helping you stand out from your competitors and leaving a lasting impression.   

Convert leads into paying customers faster

Green ChevronAutomate your quote follow-up process to prevent leads from going cold

Green ChevronEnable prospects to easily send in digital documents to help speed up the quoting process

Green ChevronCommunicate in the channel your prospects prefer so you can get the fastest responses to underwriting questions

Generate new business

Support your business development initiatives with multi-channel communications. Create personalized messages to help promote:

Green Chevron


Green Chevron


Green Chevron

Customer appreciation events

Green Chevron


Send out automated messages to specific groups, segments or individual prospects. Create targeted messaging templates that can be used again and again. This ensures consistency across channels as well as ensuring that brand standards are always met.

Marketing and quote follow-up 2

Build trust and nurture relationships

Personalization, automation, and SPLICE's industry knowledge help to streamline your ability to build and manage relationships, at scale. With personalization, you can easily customize each and every message you send, even if it's a mass message blast. Sending 1:1 messages in the customer's channel of choice is ideal for building and nurturing relationships.

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