SPLICE Solutions for Insurers

Personal lines insurers are experiencing a revolving door of policyholders.

SPLICE’s unique, patented and award-winning technology answers growing policyholder demands to be contacted via their channel of choice (on their own terms) at critical points in the policyholder journey. SPLICE’s dialogs for phone, SMS messaging, and AI-assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home connect you with your policyholders at the right time and place. To see how, select a journey touch-point below.

Quickly respond to online quote requests.

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Sample msg

Your CoverIt Insurance Quote: $1526.30/year or $134.55/month. For more details…

Boost sales potential by delivering premium estimates promptly and cost effectively. Include optional transfers to agents or call centers, fostering immediate action and greater policyholder convenience.

This message works seamlessly through our Majesco partnership!

Quickly and conveniently notify potential policyholders of acceptance faster than your competitors can.

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Your CoverIt Insurance auto policy application was successful. Please check your…

Seal the deal by providing the premium amount and a quick way to pay by linking to your policyholder’s app or website or request more information for future acceptance. Alternatively, request more information when necessary or provide policy applicants with the details they need to contact your company at their convenience - at the touch of a button or through a toll-free number.

Set a positive onboarding tone with new policyholders and encourage engagement to create a positive and lasting relationship.

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Thank you for completing your auto policy with CoverIt Insurance. To update…

Empower policyholders with everything necessary to responsively manage their account in the channel of their preference! With one touch-tone, you can connect policyholders to a call center representative or increase traffic to a website or app for ongoing interaction - so they can view and/or print insurance cards, make payments, review coverage information, etc.

Protect policyholders from potential hazards, reducing costs.

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This is your monthly fire prevention tip from CoverIt Insurance. Make sure to check your…

Up to 70% of property damage claims are avoidable. Reinforce the message that your company cares about its policyholders. Invest in money-saving and policyholder-pleasing loss control by directly creating awareness of potential hazards while encouraging policyholders to visit your website and/or app for more information.

This message works seamlessly through our Majesco partnership!

Prepare and protect policyholders for impending CAT events.

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CoverIt Insurance Warning: a wildfire may impact your area…

Equip policyholders for coming weather catastrophes, offer prevention tips, and send them to your company’s app and/or website for more information. Encourage claim frequency and severity while discouraging potential attorney involvement. Save time and money from claim filing lags by offering them critical information.

Update policyholders with necessary information after a CAT event.

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CoverIt Insurance Update: the wildfire threat has passed…

Update policyholders following a CAT event, offer options for filing claims, and direct them to your company’s app and/or website for more information. Enable claimants to submit claims with ease, saving time and money while providing a superior claims experience.

Reassure policyholders when the claims process begins

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Your CoverIt Insurance auto claim has been received. Please check…

The claims process has a significant impact on policyholder retention. Support policyholders and discourage litigation with better connection through the claims process. Promptly give policyholders the information and connection they need through their communication preference. Offer critical information including claims status along with the option to speak to a claims professional immediately, write down a toll-free number for future questions, and find updates via app or web address.

Demonstrate policyholder care in action.

After policyholders file claims, they desire a personalized connection right away – just in case they have further questions or remembered more information to share. Reassure them immediately and boost customer experience (CX) by introducing your policyholder’s points of contact and supplying direct access. Reinforce your company’s brand message to give claimants the care they need.

This message works seamlessly through our Majesco partnership!

Quickly confirm appointments to boost efficiency and customer experience (CX).

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CoverIt Insurance Reminder: your assessment is on…

Alleviate frustration potential by streamlining the logistics that can hamper the claims process. Remind policyholders of appointments for confirmation or provide the option to reschedule.

This message works seamlessly through our Majesco partnership!

Complete the claims process on a positive note.

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Your CoverIt Insurance claim has been approved for $3500. For more…

Efficiently and pleasantly finalize the claims process by informing claimants of payment amount and processing time. After reaching 97% of claimants, one personal lines insurance company saw 86% immediate resolution from call answering policyholders with only 2% requesting to speak with their claims examiner and 5% requesting future call opt-outs.

Measure policyholder loyalty for Policyholder Lifetime Value (CLV)

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Your feedback on your recent CoverIt Insurance claim is appreciated. Please complete the…

The claims process can make or break the insurer-policyholder relationship. By identifying brand advocates, neutral policyholders, and unhappy policyholders, you can encourage loyal policyholders to spread the word while repairing unsatisfactory policyholder relationships with SPLICE’s unique automated NPS surveys – which features our unique, and award-winning, Speech to Speech™ human voice.
Include some of our additional features to this message to further enhance policyholder response. Text-2-Link, for example, encourages participation and enables quick response via touchtone.

Clue in busy policyholders and ease payment.

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CoverIt Insurance Reminder: the payment on your premium is currently overdue. To submit…

Payment reminders can trigger policyholders to shop around - especially with rising premiums. Personalized and helpful automated notifications, such as Late Premium Reminders, help policyholders feel more closely linked to their carrier. Inform busy policyholders of policy expirations to drive payment and avoid cancellation from missed payments. Prompt them to avoid the potential consequences of past due premium payments than can cause a negative customer experience (CX). Afford policyholders the opportunity to pay online, talk to a policyholder representative immediately, or at their convenience, by calling a 1-800 number.

This message works seamlessly through our Majesco partnership!

Encourage retention by explaining premium increases or changes.

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Due to higher claims in your insurance pool, your CoverIt Insurance policy has increased by…

Inspire policyholders to stay with your company when premiums rise by telling them why. Present a quick way to pay bills by sending them a link to your app or website, connect them immediately to a policyholder service representative through a touch of a button, or leave a phone number for them to call when they are ready to talk. Take advantage of cross-selling opportunities for umbrella, boat, motorcycle, flood insurance, etc.

This message works seamlessly through our Majesco partnership!

Develop even more customer experience (CX) enhancing messages.

Call policyholders to action with personalized messaging during other parts of the policyholder journey. Potential dialogs can reassure policyholders after a catastrophic event, provide premium reminders, interest policyholders in telematics and connected homes, and announce new discounts & products in a legally compliant manner. Anticipate life events that encourage policyholder shopping, including new car purchases, adding/removing drivers, marital status changes, or buying a new home. Whatever comes to mind!

The SPLICE Client Success Team is here to help you develop successful notifications or calls-to-action for your policyholders!

Take a Tour of the Dialogs, Watch the Video Below!

Additional Features

Text-2- Link

Provides policyholders with mobile device SMS text links for further information - such as apps or videos - after they hear your company’s customized SPLICE call.


Enables policyholders the opportunity to directly transfer to another phone number (such as your call center or an agent) during an already relevant outbound call.

Opt-In Capture

Provides policyholders the opportunity to select their channel preference through this expressed consent for SMS or Voice communications. When customers select their option, SPLICE houses and exports this critical data into your company’s database to assure legal compliance.

Email Capture

Allows policyholders to record their email address, SPLICE then transcribes and exports this critical data into your company’s database, in real-time through our API. Email Capture can be especially beneficial for collecting email addresses from potential customers, and getting the insurer-policyholder relationship off to the right start.

Comment Capture

Gives policyholders the opportunity to leave a comment during an outbound call. We highly recommend Comment Capture, so that you can hear the Voice of your Customer (VoC). Your SPLICE Account Representative will categorize and report comments to your company.


Offers policyholders the opportunity to replay full or partial automated messages again so that they never miss a beat.

Alternate Language

Gives policyholders the option to hear from your company in their preferred language by the press of a button - with the right tone, cadence and dialect to match the region.

Tangible, Measureable Results

Here to Help Every Step of the Process

Account Managers are our client's go-to person to ensure success on all things SPLICE.

The SPLICE Client Success Team has received recognition as Stevie Award Employees of the Year.

Your Account Manager will help with:

  • Recommending the most effective communications channel
  • Implementing SPLICE Software - including training and IT/development work (as needed)
  • Customizing messages, whether voice or SMS, to reinforce your brand
  • Reviewing results and monitoring messages for continuous improvement in meeting your company’s goals, and more!

Loved by Our Clients

"SPLICE has been an incredible partner – partner being the operative word – for our company to
help us with our communication outreach efforts, especially as it pertains to our ability to assist
our customers after a major catastrophic event. They have walked us through the process, been
extremely proactive in providing us with solutions for consideration, and kept us up-to-date on
new technology options. They are helpful, but not pushy – which is a difficult balance to achieve.
We enjoy working with them and look forward to a long and productive partnership!"

Vice President of Marketing

“SPLICE’s First Notice of Loss dialog has processed thousands of initial claim contact calls to our insureds confirming receipt and assignment of their auto and homeowner claims. We've been impressed with the quality and reliability of the SPLICE message.”

Vice President, Claims

“We started with a single task at first and quickly added more. The program not only allowed our brokers to work on other things but it also helped increase our client retention. The program is reasonably priced and pays for itself quickly.”

Vice President

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