Intuitive & Scalable for a Fast ROI

SPLICE technology provides data-driven & human voice automated messages via outbound dialogs sent to your customer's channel of choice at exactly the right moment in their customer journey with your brand.

Award-Winning Dialog Suite™

SPLICE’s patented Dialog Suite™ is a unique client portal which includes helpful features designed to optimize customer communications with best-in-class software. The suite recently won the Annual Speech Technology Excellence Award, which honors companies offering innovative technology solutions to improve their clients’ bottom line. See more recognition here.


Cloud-based system to monitor messages & results in a SaaS business model allowing for fast system integration without client capital investment.


Capturing & storing customer permissions and preference data for future communications to boost brand trust for customer lifetime value (CLV).


Proprietary technology is managed by a dedicated team who keeps legal compliance, industry standards, and cyber security top-of-mind.

The 4 Components of The Dialog Suite™

1. Dialog Controller™

By collecting customer preferences, your company can re-energize outbound communications with personalized messages which will boost customer response rates, build brand trust, and meet regulatory requirements.

The SPLICE Dialog Controller™’s dashboard captures and stores customer preference data through voice messages, SMS text messages, on-site customer interaction kiosks, or your database. SPLICE clients can quickly and easily import and export this customer information through our secure portal interface or through our API - the data bridge for faster, better results.

Collection and management of small data – such as customer contact, permission and preference data – can yield big results to your bottom line.

2. Dialog Builder™

By combining scripting best practices with customer preferences, the SPLICE Dialog Builder™ creates the most effective voice messages possible.

As our audio creation wizard, the Dialog Builder features SPLICE-trained professional voice talents who record linguistically-optimized message segments that are spliced together for the most human sounding, customized, messaging tailored to your company's brand. When used in conjunction with your company's appropriate information, and customer data-points, SPLICE can produce a truly data-driven and results oriented messages.

3. Dialog Director™

The SPLICE Dialog Director™ provides everything necessary for initiating a message campaign and tracking progress for continuous improvement. The Dialog Director puts clients in the driver's seat by enabling approval of every detail before launch, including important reference materials like message scripts, contact lists and audio samples.

The metrics available within the Dialog Director include the number of messages sent, received, and listenership to gauge ROI and insight. The listenership metric demonstrates campaign success and potential areas for improvement by showing how long customers stayed on the line.

4. Dialog Dashboard™

The SPLICE Dialog Dashboard™ is the user-intuitive analytics center, which allows clients to dive through the details in a guided and straightforward presentation that inspires continuous improvement from response patterns of past campaigns compared against other data.

Even better, your SPLICE Account Manager offers expert guidance and strategic insights that inspire fine-tuned future messaging efforts to produce greater value. SPLICE has deployed hundreds of millions of outbound messages that have satisfied client and customer demands, encouraged retention, and revealed up-selling opportunities for our clients.

SPLICE’s Application Program Interface (API)

Use our API to share information with SPLICE’s secure Dialog Suite™ instead of using cumbersome spreadsheets. APIs are the bridge that will transmit your company’s appropriate customer data to SPLICE for creating personal messages that enhance the customer experience (CX). Learn more here.

Quick & Easy Set-Up

Get going within 1 business day. SPLICE offers a straightforward API that conforms to integration standards within the industry to take the burden of code-heavy IT work off of our client's plate.

Safe & Secure

Security is SPLICE's core service tenant. Our API follows best practices for encryptions and data security that is controlled and governed with security compliance regulations and regular audits.

Help & Support

Our client churn rate is nearly zero. That’s because our people and systems work seamlessly with clients through our Client Success, Infrastructure, Operations, and Development teams.

Our Partners

Substantive partnerships amplify the success SPLICE delivers for our clients. In building turn-key solutions, SPLICE has established meaningful relationships with best-in-class partners.

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