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SPLICE works with our clients with the goal of helping them inspire better customer connections. We help our clients reach their communication goals through the use of both Data-Driven Dialogs™ and Customer-Driven Dialogs™.

Data-Driven Dialogs™ are communications we initiate, whether its a marketing message or a late payment reminder, we compile customer provided data to ensure messages are sent in the right channel, with the right message, at the right time. These channels include:

Customer-Driven Dialogs™ are communications that the customer initiates. This can happen on on a variety of different channels: text, web chat, voice-first. But when it does, SPLICE ensures that you are ready with the best response, in a voice that best represents your brand. These communications can happen through:

Manage your opt-ins.

Communicate with your customers when and how they want. Manage opt-ins and express consent and gather customer preferences as part of every conversation.

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Make data-driven decisions with intelligent reporting and AI insights.

Actionable reports allow you to continually enhance your communication engagement programs. Track consent, channel engagement, preferences, and effectiveness to consistently improve your top and bottom line.

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Custom solutions. Powerful technology.

In the age of digital transformation, it is important to find a technology partner you can rely on, have similar values, and grow with. SPLICE offers custom solutions that can be integrated or as easy as clicking a button to get your programs going. Work with your dedicated account team to set up your configurations or discuss best practices and then you’re set to go! SPLICE’s platform helps you to measure and adjust your programs ongoing to ensure you’re getting the best bet out of your solution and that you’re always improving after your digital transformation is complete.

Our clients come first.

We live and breathe client success. We have an entire department dedicated to it. While the tech may be one-size-fits-all, each solution is carefully configured for you and your customers, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it. And, if your customers need something different? Change along with them in real time.

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