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Create and improve the experience for your customers, and employees using automated communications within your existing workflows and processes.

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Make data-driven decisions with intelligent reporting and AI insights.

Actionable reports allow you to continually enhance your communication engagement programs. Track consent, channel engagement, preferences, and effectiveness to consistently improve your top and bottom line.

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Custom solutions. Powerful technology.

In the age of digital transformation, it is important to find a technology partner you can rely on, have similar values, and grow with. SPLICE offers custom solutions that can be integrated or as easy as clicking a button to get your programs going. Work with your dedicated account team to set up your configurations or discuss best practices and then you’re set to go! SPLICE’s platform helps you to measure and adjust your programs ongoing to ensure you’re getting the best bet out of your solution and that you’re always improving after your digital transformation is complete.

Our clients come first.

We live and breathe client success. We have an entire department dedicated to it. While the tech may be one-size-fits-all, each solution is carefully configured for you and your customers, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it. And, if your customers need something different? Change along with them in real time.

Collect, update, and manage your customer opt-ins.

Take the stress out of not knowing if you have the most up-to-date record of customer opt-in.

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Contact your customers the way they want

dark blue chevronIntegrate opt-ins into your existing workflows

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Rest assured knowing you have the most up-to-date record of consent

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A virtual line management system your customers can join from anywhere using QR codes, text messages, or your website.

SPLICE Fast Pass™ lets you:

dark blue chevronProtect your visitors and staff

dark blue chevronControl your wait list digitally

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Give your visitors the best waiting experience possible

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Reach more of your customers with all-in-one texting.

Utilize one of the most common channels within your business workflows.

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Keep your customers informed quickly and efficiently

dark blue chevronTalk to your customers with two-way conversations 

dark blue chevronText your marketable list at one-time

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Keep your brand communication consistent and compliant

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Call more of your customers while maintaining your brand voice. 

SPLICE live-agent and automated human-voiced calls help you:

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Proactively reach more of your customers

dark blue chevronDramatically increase call center productivity

dark blue chevronStreamline your brand experience across your outbound calls

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Send automated emails. Deliver results. 

With SPLICE, you can add emails to go with your other channels to ensure:

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Brand consistency in notifications and messaging

dark blue chevronCustomers receive notifications how they want it

dark blue chevronProvide more details than the other channels

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Empower your customers across all channels with Voice-First technology.

Give your customers the ability to access your brand across all their devices.

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Provide secure, personalized information to your customers

dark blue chevronGive your customers options to be engaged on multiple platforms

dark blue chevronReach a new demographic of customers

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Send automated & personalized NPS, eNPS, CSAT, or CES surveys to your customers on any channel.

Collect, understand, integrate, and automate customer feedback.

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Utilize templates while customizing questions for your brand

dark blue chevronSend surveys in the channels your customers want

dark blue chevronMeasure your results against industry benchmarks 

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