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Inspiring Customer Connections.®

SPLICE Software creates automated messages with a human touch, delivered via phone, SMS, and Voice First devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Our personalized, human-voiced automated calls get a 93% average listenership rate—meaning people actually want to hear them.

We give your company a Voice. We use big- and small-data to deliver personalized messages to your customers via their channels of choice. We help financial services, insurance and healthcare providers, and retailers strengthen customer connections and improve their experience at the most critical points along the customer journey. It’s all part of how SPLICE combines art & science to help you connect with customers in new ways.


SPLICE Software's President & CEO Tara Kelly
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Embrace outbound communications across all channels & improve the customer experience

Data-Driven Dialogs®

When you reach more customers via their channel of choice, in the right moment, it means your company can provide important information, encourage pick-up, and enhance brand connection faster than ever before.

Secure Software Bundle

Use our secure, patented software to collect customer preferences or deliver hundreds of human voice calls & SMS text messages in scalable, high capacity to reduce call center expenses and inefficiencies.

Dedicated Account Manager

Control and manage messages with ease, alongside your consultative account manager who will provide expert assistance for continued improvements and ROI.

Data Visualization & Insights

Understand where your data is, and quickly identify ways to improve it with advanced reporting which allows rapid, adaptive responses to customer demands.

Loved By Our Clients

“These personalized notifications have effectively reduced the number of missed patient appointments. It has also helped clinics schedule staffing accordingly. Patients have mentioned that they appreciate receiving SPLICE reminders for the ability to change a booking if needed by pressing a number on their dial pad to be transferred to the patient care team.

We chose and remain with SPLICE’s notification calls over their competitors because of the natural-sounding quality of the message, along with the ability to add unique patient personalization. I highly recommend SPLICE Software to other healthcare professionals needing an efficient and cost-effective notification solution that enhances the patient experience.”

Team Manager

"SPLICE has been an incredible partner – partner being the operative word – for our company to
help us with our communication outreach efforts, especially as it pertains to our ability to assist
our customers after a major catastrophic event. They have walked us through the process, been
extremely proactive in providing us with solutions for consideration, and kept us up-to-date on
new technology options. They are helpful, but not pushy – which is a difficult balance to achieve.
We enjoy working with them and look forward to a long and productive partnership!"

Vice President of Marketing

“SPLICE’s First Notice of Loss dialog has processed thousands of initial claim contact calls to our insureds confirming receipt and assignment of their auto and homeowner claims. We've been impressed with the quality and reliability of the SPLICE message.”

Vice President, Claims

“Thank you for the opportunity that you have given our store this month with the VIP event. Without question, it was a tremendous day and all involved have my thanks and appreciation for it. The impact this event had went beyond sales and traffic though. The teamwork that was created prior to and during the event was inspirational. There was a definite sense of excitement and anticipation created – all of which were brought about a successful day for us. Again, I want to impress upon you the intangibles… Unity, service, professionalism, teamwork, excitement, passion, creativity and appreciation that were generated with this event.”


“Last year we ran the same amount of advertising as this year, and with the SPLICE VIP Program, we experienced, on average, an 85% increase in sales for the same two days this year.”

Vice President, Advertising

"Delinquency can be an uncomfortable call for some people. We discovered that customers were more comfortable getting the SPLICE message. The SPLICE system allows us to be a lot more flexible. It’s really easy to change messaging and timing, and we can test the results on our recovery rates. We’ve had a great experience with SPLICE. The team is helpful and flexible, and the product is so easy to manage. It’s a big part of our company’s program now. We have three different calls within our recovery program, all with different messaging. It’s a huge time saver. I would happily recommend SPLICE to other business unit managers at Intuit.”

Loyalty & Retention Manager

“We received positive feedback on the calls – engagement was positive, with the majority of inbound callers asking qualified questions – exactly what we were hoping for! By integrating SPLICE’s services into one of our programs, we’ve saved hundreds of staff hours and many thousands of dollars. More importantly, we’ve gained a partner that provides us with expert advice, excellent customer service and value for the money we spend with them”.

Manager, Communications

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SPLICErs volunteer at GROW Calgary.

SPLICErs volunteer at the Magic of Christmas workshop.

SPLICErs volunteer at the Drop-In Centre.

SPLICErs volunteer at the Mustard Seed.

SPLICErs volunteer at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre.

SPLICE wins The Alberta's Best Workplaces Award in 2015.

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SPLICE President & CEO, Tara Kelly, and Solutions Architect, Andrew Hamill, present at ACORD 2015.

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SPLICE President & CEO, Tara Kelly, and Solutions Architect, Andrew Hamill, attend the 2014 Launch Festival.

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Tara Kelly, SPLICE President & CEO, speaks at the Every Woman Festival in 2014.

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The SPLICE Team attends the Calgary Stampede to Celebrate SPLICE's 10th Birthday!

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